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            Quienes somos<span>Maquinaria Xianfeng</span>

            Quienes somosMaquinaria Xianfeng

            Zhejiang Xianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province in March 1970, and moved to Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province in October 1989. In April 2011, it was restructured and transformed into a non-public limited liability company. In 2015, after asset evaluation and equity structure adjustment, it was registered as Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd., and was listed in the national SME share transfer system.

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            Various certificates

            Siguiendo los principios operativos de "operar de acuerdo con la ley, honestidad y confiabilidad", los productos de la compa?ía han pasado la certificación del sistema de calidad ISO9001, la certificación del sistema de gestión ambiental ISO14001 y la certificación del sistema de gestión de seguridad y salud ocupacional ISO45001.

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            CERTIFICADO CE

            CERTIFICADO CE